• eat only when you are hungry…regardless of the time on the clock, all great meals start with hunger
  • start the day off right and you will set the tone for healthy eating right off the bat
  • start the day off with sugar or sweets and you will crave them all day
  • avoid things that stimulate the appetite and sugar cravings: too sweet nutrition bars, candy, artificial sweeteners, sodas-reg. and diet, gum, mints, etc.
  • try to get out of the habit of grabbing things mindlessly–it’s not easy, but try to avoid grabbing a handful of crackers out of the cabinet, a few bits of leftover out of the fridge, a piece of candy from the jar. Snack when you need to, but at least be aware you had a snack
  • eat what you love, and not what you think you should, but keep trying fruits and vegetables and challenge yourself to like more and more
  • learn to appreciate cleanly prepared foods