The Template item describes the HTML used by sage to display each item in the feed. On my computer for instance it can be found in:

C:\Documents and Settings\John Creighton\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\3w5tnj3j.JohnCreighton\extensions\{a6ca9b3b-5e52-4f47-85d8-cca35bb57596}\chrome\sage.jar\content\res

On windows, you can open the jar with win rar, and possible win zip. The path looks somewhat strange for security reasons as is mentioned in the following quote:

"Firefox stores a user's personal information such as bookmarks, extensions, and user preferences in a unique profile. The first time you start Firefox, it will automatically create a default profile; additional profiles can be created using the Profile Manager. The settings which form a profile are stored in files within a special folder on your computer — this is the profile folder.

Finding the profile folder Edit

Profile folders are placed in the same area by default but are named randomly for additional security. If you chose a custom location, see Other methods of finding a profile below.
The installation directory includes a folder named "profile" (for example, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile on Windows), but this folder contains program defaults, not your user profile data. On Windows 2000/XP/Vista and on Linux, the folder containing your user profile data is hidden by default and you will need to show hidden files and folders to navigate to the profile folder.

The template file contains the folloing:

<div class="item">
<h2 class="item-title">
<span class="item-ordinal">**NUMBER**.</span>
<a href="**LINK**">**TITLE**</a>

In some languages (c and lisp for example) the words quoted by asterisks (i.e. DESCRIPTION, ENCLOUSURE, PUBDATE, AUTHOR), could be considered a call to a macro function. This realy is a fancy way of saying replace, each of these items with the apropriate HTML.

The actual function that does the replacement is sage.jar/content/creathtml.js:replaceFeedKeyword

It appears from the source code that the creators of sage intended to make it possible to display more then these four fields in the feed display, but these other options appear to be commented out.